Developing great leaders is difficult. Every year, employers invest more time and resources into leadership development than any other human capital management function, according to Brandon Hall Group research. But only 33% of organizations say their leadership development is effective in producing more leaders capable of driving business results.

To improve leadership development’s impact, organizations must escape the constraints of event-based learning, which pulls people away from their jobs and restricts the collaboration and reinforcement needed to drive behavior change. 

Collaborative and social learning technology enables employers to deliver more effective learning experiences at scale to a broader set of leaders, from the C-Suite to the front lines. Read more about it in this eBook.

Brandon Hall Group research shows that a majority of employers believe these strategies are important to improve leader training:

A fully developed collaborative learning platform empowers organizations to leverage all of those strategies and more. But only 28% of organizations say their technology solutions for leadership development are very well developed, according to Brandon Hall Group’s study, HCM Technology: How to Transform HR into a Digital Powerhouse.

Investment in technology that reduces dependence on event-driven learning and enables contextualized learning experiences is critical to developing more great leaders in the hybrid work environment. 

Online learning, such as VILT and eLearning, can introduce new concepts, behaviors and skills, but does not effectively reinforce the learning or allow practice and discussion.

Leadership is the ultimate context-driven capability, requiring a blend of cognitive, empathetic and practical behaviors and competencies. Collaborative learning fosters a dynamic learning culture that engages learners, promotes accountability, and makes learning across the organization more scalable, applicable and dynamic.

With collaborative and social learning technology, organizations can deliver more effective learning experiences at scale to a broader set of leaders. These experiences include: 

  • Customizing and aligning your leader development to your business priorities 
  • Application of new behaviors and skills 
  • Ongoing peer discussion and collaboration 
  • Team-based projects to apply leadership concepts
  • Coaching 
  • Mentoring

-Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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