The Resources HR Practitioners Must Leverage to Ensure Success

How HR is currently structured is not very different from the way it was 20 years ago. But how the job is executed is so different, it is almost unrecognizable. Everything from the amount of strategy involved (as opposed to the day-to-day report filing of begone days) to the digitalization and automation of processes has fundamentally changed the way the modern HR practitioner goes about their job. However, that does not mean that all HR practitioners are aware of what resources they have available and which ones they should use to take advantage of modern systems.

Ensure the Effectiveness of Your HR Strategy

Many organizations can quickly determine whether a specific HR initiative is efficient or effective. However, when it is a longer-term goal or a strategic objective that involves different processes over a long period, most organizations struggle to evaluate the effectiveness of their HR plans based on their overall business strategy. Most of this struggle is due to an over-reliance on short-term metrics and an inability to overcome common challenges.

How to Identify and Fix Ineffective HR Processes

In Talent Management, annual performance reviews are considered archaic and on their way out. In Learning & Development, hardly anyone still relies solely on in-person, instructor-led classrooms. However, in core HR, there aren’t many processes most organizations can point to as outdatedor ineffective, although research shows that there are some HR processes that, for one reason or another, are no longer effective.

Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards Are Open for Submissions

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM Research and Analyst Firm has opened entries for its 29th annual Excellence in Technology Awards. Often referred to as the Academy Awards of Human Capital Management, this is the original awards program focusing on corporate learning, talent and HR best practices.

Planning for a Brighter Workplace and World

During a recent product briefing with isolved, they shared some thoughts on how they saw the post-COVID workplace and what it would mean for HR professionals. Although the briefing focused on enhancements to their products (which members can read here), it was this set of customer challenges that I wanted to expand on, as I think it might be useful. The list of challenges is below in bold and I’ll add my thoughts on each of these, as well, with relevant research.