How to Reimagine Induction and Onboarding Training for a Hybrid Workplace

As companies make their way through The Great Resignation in the wake of the pandemic, they must prepare for the wave of onboarding that will occur on the other side. Knowing that many workers will either want or have to stay remote will change how companies approach onboarding new talent. But those changes can lead to a better experience for the learners and better results for the business.

Brandon Hall Group Studying Metaverse’s Impact on Human Capital Management

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent Human Capital Management research and analyst firm, is launching a survey to understand how organizations are looking to use the Metaverse to improve their HCM processes.

Hybrid Work Requires a Human Touch

Brandon Hall Group teamed up with Smartchoice Preferred Provider Class Technologies to present a webinar that looks at ways to keep the human connection in what has become a somewhat isolated and remote work world. In situations where people can’t gather together in person for learning, it is critical to think about how technology can be used to approximate that connectivity. The webinar will explore what worked and what hasn’t during the pandemic and its impact on the learning culture.

How Can You Create/Improve People-Data Governance in Your Organization?

For any organization seeking to build a truly data-driven, evidence-based organizational culture, the foundation of that must start with data governance. It is the rule by which all data must work within your organization, without exception. Think of it as the grammar for your organization’s data language. Without data governance, there will not be trust in the data and without that trust, no other efforts will move your organization forward into the future of business.

How Do We Create a More Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture?

Brandon Hall Group research shows that only 31% of organizations — less than a third — strongly agree that the insights generated from their data analysis transformed the way they do business. Clearly, something is holding many organizations back from becoming more data-driven and for many companies, the question is, “Where do we even start?”