How Customer Training Boosts Satisfaction

Brandon Hall Group Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo has a wealth of experience helping their clients leverage the platform’s extended enterprise capabilities to deliver engaging, impactful customer training. Not every LMS is designed with the extended enterprise in mind, but Docebo can make the process more streamlined, efficient and effective.

Supporting Learning in the Flow of Work

experience helping clients adopt a performance-focused approach. They provide help with rapid workflow analysis to assess what support should be provided while someone is working and what training is necessary to create a knowledge foundation. They also know how to recommend technology options best suited to meet business objectives and learning solution needs. You can learn more about Conduent’s approach to workflow learning here.

Aligning the L&D Strategy With Business Goals

It’s no secret that creating alignment between learning and the business strategy has traditionally been difficult for most organizations. While 87% of companies in Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Strategy Study said this alignment was either important or critical to achieving business goals, only 13% said they were ready to take action on creating it. Without this alignment, companies are flying blind when it comes to learning; creating programs in response to training requests with no idea if they are designed to accomplish the right things.

Why You Should Lean Into Sales Enablement Training — Right Now

Brandon Hall Group Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo has been a go-to tool for successful sales enablement for years. The platform is designed to make the right content easy to find and use anywhere, anytime. This keeps sales reps current and knowledgeable, allowing them to close more deals, more quickly. Docebo gives sales teams fingertip access to whatever they may need at any stage of the selling process. Perhaps more importantly, the collaboration functionality lets sales professionals learn from each other — honing and sharing best practices.

The Answer to Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce — Personalized Learning at Scale

Learning teams must put their organizations in a position to win the hearts and minds of their employees with outstanding learning. Most employees want to learn but feel they are not provided the opportunity to do so properly. Each employee has their own unique way to learn. Learning teams must create and deliver personalized learning for every employee at the speed and scale of business. Learning teams should employ the latest techniques and technology to develop fast, easily deployed, scalable and contextualized learning experiences for any workforce scenario. A better learner experience improves the process of skills acquisition which ultimately improves an employee’s performance. We all agree that improving employee and organizational performance is the end goal of all learning.

Bringing Compliance Training up to Speed

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider Qstream is one of the few modern, next-generation learning platforms that is robust enough to satisfy compliance requirements in any industry. They provide companies with the opportunity to enhance compliance training while maintaining the certainty compliance requires. It is all done in an engaging learing experience that employees enjoy taking compliance training through a microlearning platform.