Learning Gems Unearthed by the Pandemic

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider Totara has partnered with several companies that fit this description. For example, Etex Building Performance UK, part of a larger, Belgian family-owned manufacturing business with about 500 employees, many of whom are not very tech-savvy. During lockdown in the UK, the Totara platform was renamed the Learning & Communication Hub and became a critical tool for keeping the company connected, informed and productive.

Latitude CG helps the Extended Enterprise Navigate the Pandemic

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider Latitude CG spent a good chunk of 2020 diving headfirst into the extended enterprise, conducting research and interviews with more than 100 different partner and dealer networks to find out what was happening, what was working and what wasn’t. This work gives them unique insights into the challenges companies face training these audiences and they have focused their attention on meeting these changing needs.

Injecting Learning into the Organization’s Cultural DNA

In the process of reexamining their approach to learning and development, companies have been looking at their strategies, technologies, and processes to uncover ways to better develop the workforce and close skills gaps. What really needs to happen, though, is for the organizations themselves to make a shift, developing and sustaining a culture of continuous learning.

Doing More with Less: Striking the Right Balance in L&D

One area where companies can streamline L&D processes is in the content realm. Companies spend a considerable time and money managing the content process, including procurement, creation and management. The back-end of the content process includes many transactional, repetitive tasks. Additionally, companies typically have poor vision into what content already exists and often duplicate efforts creating material that could have simply been repurposed. Unfortunately, cost-saving measures such as leveraging the company’s intranet or existing SharePoint sites to manage learning content can make things worse. If the content is hard to find, it will just get remade. The longer the problem persists, the worse it gets.

Customer Service Pays Off for LearnUpon

Summit recognized the increased importance of digital learning and skills development in a soon-to-be post-pandemic world and chose LearnUpon for investment, but not just on the strength of the platform and development roadmap. They specifically pointed out LearnUpon’s “demonstrated dedication to customer success” as part of their reasoning for the substantial investment.

Mobile Technology’s Vital Role in the Learning Ecosystem

A critical element of mobile learning is that it must not be seen as merely a different screen for the same learning experience people have on their laptops and desktops. While mobile learning opportunities can be provided anytime and anywhere, it is often best used when targeted to the need at hand. People do not want to go through an entire eLearning module on their phone, even if it is mobile-friendly.

Companies Need to Completely Rethink Approach to Learning

As organizations face unprecedented change and volatility, the need to quickly and effectively reskill and upskill their workforce to meet new demands has dramatically increased. However, most companies remain challenged by just how to accomplish this. Brandon Hall Group Research found that only half of companies believe their learning approach is positioning them to meet future work requirements.

Is Your Connected Learning Ecosystem Built for Sustainability?

To meet the needs of the business and the modern learner, organizations are expanding their learning technology ecosystems to include a much wider array of tools than ever before. In just a few years, we have seen a shift from SCORM-based eLearning courses to one that leverages videos, microlearning, simulations, games and much more. Eighteen months of pandemic-related remote work has only added to this complexity as companies had to rely even more on digital tools to train their workforce.