Business Builder: Demonstrating L&D’s Value

Organizations need to step up their game when it comes to learning measurement so that they are able to demonstrate the value of the programs. That means measuring how learning is impacting the behavior and performance of learners. It means measuring how learning is impacting key business outcomes. It means discovering when learning is not working well and making changes.

Allyship: Using Peer Networks and Social Learning to Build an Inclusive Workplace

On Sept. 13, NovoEd and Brandon Hall Group offer a webinar that explores how HR and learning organizations can use allyship and collaborative learning technology to align employees around complex goals. The session will demonstrate how to build networks of allyship to develop people into the types of employees who can embody and enact a company’s vision and culture

Understanding the Power of Positive Disharmony in Teams

“A high-performing team is one that sets free the collective genius of its members to create something extraordinary together — and that genius consists of the unique contributions that each team member can bring to the mix,” said Atkins, VP and Leader of the Executive and Team Performance Center of Expertise for BTS. “Sometimes the mixing of individual contributions can feel messy, but that discomfort is necessary for a team to experience positive disharmony. Contrasting views and spirited debate make a team stronger, even while discord is part of the experience.”

Brandon Hall Group to Launch Study on Personalization of Learning

This quantitative research will be complemented with qualitative interviews to create an understanding of the strategies and approaches L&D teams must adopt to ensure the personalization of learning at scale. The data and insights will fuel the development of research reports and tools — such as self-assessment tools, model, and frameworks — to help organizations improve the way they develop their workforce.

How AI Makes Learning Technology Smarter

A recent Brandon Hall Group study found that 60% of companies believe that AI is either highly important or critical to properly leveraging learning technologies. To shed a little more light on how organizations can use AI to improve learning experiences and outcomes, we will be hosting a webinar in partnership with sales enablement technology provider Allego, which leverages AI to power unique training and coaching experiences. By looking at how they use AI to help clients, we hope to demystify artificial intelligence and clear up some myths and misconceptions.

Your Business Needs a Strong Upskilling and Reskilling Program

The goal of a strong upskilling and reskilling program is to create a more resilient and agile workforce that can continue to be successful in an environment of new and changing roles. Brandon Hall Group’s Talent Management Maturity study found that 90% of companies believe a lack of talent mobility is a significant risk to the business, meaning they cannot reallocate talent resources to the areas where the business needs them most.

Right-Sizing Learning-Specific Roles on Your L&D Team

ELB Learning’s huge, diverse portfolio of solutions and offerings means they have an incredibly wide array of skills at their disposal. Their staff augmentation services provide clients with access to those skills for both short- and long-term needs. Having on-demand access to instructional designers, eLearning developers, project managers, facilitators, and more just when they are needed can help organizations achieve critical learning and development goals that otherwise would be out of reach with their available skills or headcount.

Breaking Down the Onboarding Challenge: How Personalized Learning is the Answer

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Preferred Provider Realizeit works with clients to completely transform how they approach onboarding and new hire training. They see it as a critical piece of a much larger, ongoing learning experience. Without that continuity, organizations risk low engagement among employees or even loss through attrition.

Keeping the Focus on the Learner

In recent years, organizations have realized that learning technology is not there just to serve the admins but to serve the learners too. As such, the learner experience has outpaced the admin experience as a priority in technology requirements. In Brandon Hall Group’s most recent learning technology survey, learner friendliness was listed as the number two reason for switching technologies and admin friendliness was fourth.

The role Learning & Development plays in most organizations has become more strategic recently, and with that change comes added layers of complexity. L&D teams are finding they need new skills, technology, and content to keep up with the rapidly changing business. It can be extremely challenging. Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider DelphianLogic is completely in synch with this shift and acutely understands the associated challenges.