UKG Enters New Era Focused on ‘Life-Work’ Technology and Rapid Growth

Two years after Ultimate Software and Kronos merged into UKG, the company prepares to march forward under a new leader and emerging culture while remaining fiercely focused on embedding its core values of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging into its HR technology offerings.

The Great Onboarding: How Social and Collaborative Learning can Create Rapid Alignment

Just as the modern workforce is now required to be adaptable and agile, organizations must be equally adaptable and agile. Adaptability and agility should be reinforced by giving employees the tools to make connections across the workforce with access to the resources they need as they need them. The ability for new employees to feel like they are part of something greater requires access to social and collaborative team-based learning technology and that is what the Great Onboarding is all about.

How to Leverage DE&I Training to Build an Equitable Workplace

A big challenge for most companies when it comes to DE&I training is that they are applying outdated models to address what are usually new and difficult concepts for many learners. The L&D team itself must face its own biases in the design, delivery and evaluation of training. EI Design helps clients to shift L&D’s training mindset, in the design, delivery and management of DEI training initiatives. Without this, organizations will fail to instill diversity, equity or inclusion — especially in today’s dynamic hybrid workplace.

Great Leaders Represent a Purpose Beyond Profit

For purpose-driven leadership to be effective, employers must have not only a strong, well-defined mission and core values. They must also spread the word effectively across the enterprise. But you can only accomplish so much through formal communication campaigns. Leaders at all levels must be aligned with the organization’s mission and values and consistently represent them through day-to-day interactions.