Organizations that invest in a strategic, comprehensive approach to building a DE&I culture, rather than treating DE&I as a program or initiative, will realize significantly more business benefits. 

Boca Raton, FL — January 20, 2022

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, is launching a survey to understand the strategies and tactics employers use to realize the business benefits of DE&I.

“Every organization requires a culture with its foundation rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&),” Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst Rachel Cooke said. “Formal, informal and experiential learning must evolve rapidly to meet the new dynamic needs of the modern workforce.”

Brandon Hall Group’s new research initiative, Building a Culture that Embraces Diversity and Fosters Inclusion, seeks to understand the strategies and tactics employers use to realize the business benefits of DE&I.

“Business and academic research has shown DE&I’s positive impact on business results. However, those types of results are difficult to obtain unless employers build a culture in which all employees feel valued and included and have equal opportunity to do meaningful work, learn, grow and thrive in the organization,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said. “This requires a strategic, organization-wide approach.”

“While interest has been high in improving DE&I, prior research revealed many organizations take a programmatic approach rather than a strategic, comprehensive one that gradually improves the culture over time,” Rachel Cooke said.

Brandon Hall Group’s Building a Culture that Embraces Diversity and Fosters Inclusion research will ask questions to understand the challenges organizations face in building a DE&I culture, how they are addressing and how they are overcoming them. Brandon Hall Group also will inquire about the difference in business impact between those taking a strategic approach and those making narrower efforts.

The data from this research will fuel the development of research reports and tools such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks to help organizations improve their approach to realizing the business benefits of DE&I.

To participate in this study, go to Participants will receive summary results of the survey five to seven weeks after the survey launch and will get immediate download access to Brandon Hall Group’s Executive Interview, What’s Changing (And What Should Be) in DE&I.

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