In the short work-week leading up to Thanksgiving, Brandon Hall Group published 13 pieces of research – 4 new proprietary research reports, 5 case studies, 1 solution provider profile, and 3 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released the week of Nov. 23-29:

New Research Report

The State of Talent Acquisition: A Crisis of Missed Opportunities

This industry perspective shows that most organizations are struggling in their pursuit of high-quality talent and that their lack of success is mostly due to failure to operate with a strategy or take advantage of many tools that are readily at their disposal. The report includes six critical calls to action, supported by two research studies conducted in 2015

Executive Summary: State of Talent Acquisition: A Crisis of Missed Opportunities

This executive summary provides a high-level overview of Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 State of Talent Acquisition report, based on two 2015 research studies. It shows that most organizations are missing critical opportunities to hire high-quality talent.

High-Performance Talent Acquisition Framework

This framework illustrates Brandon Hall Group’s view of the stages and elements that lead to high-performance talent acquisition. It is based on 2015 Talent Acquisition research and represents BHG’s strongly held view that talent management processes do not operate in a vacuum and include vital internal and external factors to be successful.

High-Performance Talent Acquisition Business Impact Model

This model shows the four different levels of impact that talent acquisition has on an organization and the percentage of organizations that are at each level of performance, based on Brandon Hall Group’s two talent acquisition studies conducted in 2015.

Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication this week:

Developing World-Class Manager Skillsets at HP

This awards case study follows Hewlett-Packard’s multi-year effort to develop an experiential competency development program for R&D managers in Bangalore, India, and other emerging regions. It was a complex effort with painstaking care taken to align the program to the needs of the participants and the business. The effort earned HP a Gold Award for Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Learning Fuels the Strategic Objectives at Sonic Automotive

Sonic Automotive had a vision to provide excellence in the used car industry. After all, it had already done so within the new vehicle marketplace. This change transformation came with a requirement to train the new staff for its EchoPark initiative not only in the basics of the industry, but in the vision and mission of the organization as a whole. This earned the firm a Silver Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Capgemini Certifications Improve Profitability

After a successful strategic retreat, leaders at Capgemini determined that in order to improve profitability and performance, its workforce needed development and alignment. The Engagement Manager (EM) program was used to combine disparate silos into a single internal development program, growing the internal population from 1,800 to 5,000 in just over a year. This earned the firm a Silver Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

WOW! Leadership at Barnes & Noble College

This awards case study looks at Barnes & Noble College and its development of WOW! Leadership, a workshop-based program to train store managers how to drive sales using WOW! methodology, which stands for Welcome the customer, Open the conversation, and Wrap up the sale. The initiative earned the college bookstore retailer a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Recognition Drives Engagement at Canadian Tire

Toronto-based Canadian Tire had a need to create employee engagement by developing consistent, engaging programs, tools and processes dedicated to supporting employees throughout the employee lifecycle. Since implementing this system, the organization has experienced improved stock prices and received ​multiple awards for being an employer of choice. This earned Canadian Tire a Silver Award for Best Advance in Employee Engagement in the 2015 Excellence Awards Program.

Solution Provider Profile


This solution profile features Oracle HCM Cloud offering. Oracle’s goal is to continue its position in the HCM software space with Core HR and Integrated Talent Management cloud offerings through continued development of new capabilities and enhancements that promote a modern HR environment. The profile includes insights from Michael Rochelle, Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst.

Research-based Blogs

MOOCs for Corporate Learning: Do Completions Matter?

When it comes to training, one of the most common methods for measuring impact is the completion rate. However, MOOCs are different types of courses and have historically low completions. Does this mean they are less effective for sharing knowledge within the organization? In this blog post, Ben Eubanks explores how one organization measures MOOC impact, and it doesn’t involve completion rates.

Keeping Up on Time and Wage Compliance: Easier than it Sounds

Principal Workforce Analyst Cliff Stevenson attended KronosWorks, and wage and compliance were both hot topics at the event. It seems like those would be fairly static and simple to handle, but in reality there are complexities that make it more challenging with each passing day. In this blog post, Stevenson analyzes some data from the Brandon Hall Group Wage and Compliance study in relation to the content covered at the event.

HCMx Radio: The Best Use of Blended Learning

Call centers typically have high turnover, therefore quick and effective onboarding programs are crucial. But what are the key elements in such a program? In the latest episode of HCMx Radio, Rachel Cooke welcomed the masterminds behind PSCU’s highly effective onboarding program, Master Learning Architect Gina Lensky, and Melanie Oliver, Vice President of Learning Solutions. During the discussion the guests explored what made their program so successful and the effective tools they used to enable and support a variety of learning approaches.

Mike Cooke

Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group Mike Cooke Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Mike Cooke was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AC Growth. Mike held leadership and executive positions for the majority of his career, at which he was responsible for steering sales and marketing teams to drive results and profitability. His background includes more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and operations in the research, consulting, software and technology industries. Mike has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management having worked for several early high-growth emerging businesses and has implemented technology systems to support various critical sales, finance, marketing and client service functions. He is especially skilled in organizing the sales and service strategy to fully support a company's growth strategy. The concept of growth was an absolute to Mike and a motivator in starting AC Growth, in order to help organizations achieve research driven results. Most recently, Mike was the VP and General Manager of Field Operations at Bersin & Associates, a global analyst and consulting services firm focused on all areas of enterprise learning, talent management and talent acquisition. Tasked with leading the company's global expansion, Mike led all sales operations worldwide. During Mike's tenure, the company has grown into a multi-national firm, conducting business in over 45 countries with over 4,500 multi-national organizations. Mike started his career at MicroVideo Learning Systems in 1992, eventually holding a senior management position and leading all corporate sales before founding Dynamic Minds. Mike was CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Minds, a custom developer of software programs, working with clients like Goldman Sachs, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill and Merrill Lynch. Also, Mike worked for Oddcast, a leading provider of customer experience and marketing solutions, where he held a senior management position leading the company into new markets across various industries. Mike also serves on the Advisory Board for Carbon Solutions America, an independent sustainability consulting and carbon management firm that specializes in the design and implementation of greenhouse reduction and sustainability plans as well as managing the generation of carbon and renewal energy and energy efficiency credits. Mike attended University of Phoenix, studying Business Administration and Finance. He has also completed executive training at the Chicago Graduate School of Business in Chicago, IL.