Over the past two weeks, Brandon Hall Group published 13 pieces of research – 5 new proprietary research reports, 3 award-winning technology reviews, 1 webinar, 3 answers to questions from Brandon Hall Group members, and 1 research-based blog.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released Aug. 15-28:

New Research Reports

What Talent Acquisition Technology Buyers Want

This research ebook, based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Talent Acquisition Technology Study, focuses on the top competencies talent acquisition technology buyers want from their technology providers. It also shows the differences in buyer preferences among small, mid-size and enterprise organizations, and discusses the value of buyer experience.

Why We Can’t Effectively Measure Learning’s Impact on Performance

This KnowledgeGraphic, based on results from Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Measurement Study, looks at the reasons why most organizations only measure learning at elementary levels that don’t really reflect whether the learning is improving performance or business outcomes. While organizations say their formal learning measurement is fairly effective, almost no one is doing an effective job of measuring informal or experiential learning.

Women in Leadership

This ebook features research and insights from women leaders on barriers to more women in senior leadership roles in corporations, and how to overcome them. Suggested changes include more targeted development of women leaders and strong coaching and mentoring programs for women leaders.

Learning Measurement 2016: Little Linkage to Performance

This research summary provides an overview and the top five findings of Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 learning measurement research. The research reveals how organizations measure formal, informal and experiential learning, the maturity of their measurement initiatives, and the drivers of measurement. Though learning leaders often talk about the importance of measurement, the study revealed that only 6% of organizations are truly measuring all types of learning and tying it to business performance. This is the first of several reports on the 2016 learning measurement research.

Is Your Technology Keeping You Out of Compliance?

This short, easy-to-read report highlights research related to compliance and compliance training and the role technology has in helping organizations stay in compliance and assisting with audits and tracking.

Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

WizIQ Online Academy

WizIQ Online Academy addresses the pressing needs of a teaching or learning organization, such as learner engagement, instructor effectiveness, and unique brand identity and user experience by providing a complete solution for online teaching and training. Users can build their own online academy within minutes, and customize it any way they want, to give their learners a holistic experience. Their online academy is an exclusive space that can be accessed only by administrators and learners.

Simulation-Based Retail Training by Jutten

Jutten has developed a simulation-based training framework for creating customized training applications for retail organizations. Store environment, artifacts, customers, systems – everything that the store employee will have to deal with in real life – is simulated in an interactive, 3D environment. For every retail organization, this environment is customized so it matches the actual work environment.

Torch LMS Focuses on Efficiency and Customer Service

Training managers, especially those in small and mid-sized organizations, often have other duties besides administering their LMS. Sometimes they are over HR, conduct training, do all of the instructional design, and have additional duties. They need a system that they can manage on their own. An intuitive system that allows irregular use without retraining, and with extensive automation that will work as if they had additional staff. Torch LMS removes any unnecessary steps, and adds automation whenever possible, while also focusing on training and responsive customer service.


Leaders Driving Your Business = LDP x (Energy + Focus)

Leadership readiness is stuck in the status quo. Brandon Hall Group’s research shows that only 12% of organizations currently feel their leadership is very ready to meet the needs of the organization, and only 5% feel their leaders are very ready to take on the future needs. Organizations are just not “leadership ready.” Organizations need to accelerate the velocity and positively change the trajectory of their leadership development programs by focusing on how to better help their leaders grow. The question is how do we accomplish this? Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer for the Brandon Hall Group, and Jim Kauffman, Product Manager and Executive Consultant from DDI, led an in-depth discussion regarding the steps organizations need to do to accelerate development with a more effective leadership development program.

Answers to Questions from Members

One of the best benefits of Brandon Hall Group membership is the ability to ask analysts questions and get detailed answers within 24 hours. Here are a few questions we answered this cycle:

  • What are some models for inclusive leadership that other companies are using? What skills or competencies do those models include?
  • Can you please provide ideas for content re-purposing?
  • A company has 60 hours of Flash-based legacy courses that they want to re-use. The content is relevant and fresh. What are various ways to re-purpose this content? The list of courses consists of custom product training, process training, compliance courses etc. Can you provide some ideas how the same content can be used in various ways?

Research-based Blogs

Thinking of Replacing Your LMS?

Does your organization use an LMS? If so, chances are pretty good that you are looking to replace it. According to Brandon Hall Group’s most recent Learning Technology Trends Survey, 44% of companies with learning technology are looking to replace their solution within the next two years. The number one reason for replacement? The need for a better user experience, cited by 87% of the companies looking to switch. Click here to read Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth’s blog.