As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the workplace, Brandon Hall Group delivers real-time research and insights to help organizations excel during the crisis and in the “new normal” that emerges as the pandemic subsides

  • Webinar explores how existing principles of creating great everyday employee experiences are especially effective during COVID-19 and beyond.
  • New engagement research presents five strategies employers can take to drive engagement during these difficult times.
  • Events dedicated to employee recognition and leading-edge people management scheduled for April 14 and 15.
  • BHG also releases new research on talent assessments and team development.


Now is the Perfect Time to Elevate the Employee Experience

This special webinar reveals highlights of Brandon Hall Group’s ongoing COVID-19 research on how organizations are adapting to the dramatic increase in remote work. Analysts Claude Werder and David Wentworth discuss what leading employers are doing to create a great employee experience despite the crisis and how those adjustments can be carried over to whatever the “new normal” becomes after the crisis subsides.

The Complexities of Employee Engagement and How to Improve It

This research, completed just before the coronavirus crisis hit, explores critical questions related to engagement and strategies to improve the current situation in which employees are 146% more likely to be somewhat engaged or actively disengaged than highly engaged. While COVD-19 has changed the dynamics of engagement, the principles for success remain the same: forge stronger connections with employees. This KnowledgeGraphic presents new data and provides five strategies employers can deploy to improve engagement even in these difficult times.

Other Published Research

Talent Assessments: Making the Case for Change

Talent assessments are used by almost all employers, though not in a consistent, strategic manner that delivers on the potential to improve hiring, development and talent retention. Only one-fifth of organizations have a formal strategy that consistently leverages a range of assessments, from pre-hire to departure. This tool, called a Business Builder, establishes the business case for improving the use of talent assessments.

Team Development: Fixing the Disconnect Between Importance and Effectiveness

Most organizations say they have a team mindset and operate in a team-driven environment, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Team Development research. However, there is a significant disconnect between the prevalence of teams and employers’ willingness or ability to invest in a dedicated curriculum and other measures to optimize team performance. Seventy-nine percent of organizations surveyed admitted they do not invest enough time and budget for team development. This report summarizes research findings, poses critical questions for organizations and gives five strategies to bridge the gap between the importance and effectiveness of team development.

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, April 14: Engaging and Recognizing Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Recognition, the cornerstone of employee engagement, is more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar sponsored by Achievers, Brie Harvey of Achievers and Claude Werder of Brandon Hall Group explores the science behind effective recognition, the toolbelt of available resources and how recognition serves as a steroid injection to bolster productivity. Register here

Wednesday, April 15: Getting the Right Blend: Building a Blended Learning Strategy

Sponsored by OpenSesame, this webinar explores what it takes to create a truly blended learning strategy. Register here

Wednesday, April 22: Once Upon a Time… in Learning Measurement

Sponsored by Axonify, this webinar will discuss proven principles L&D can borrow from Marketing to evolve their tactics and introduce data-rich strategies. Register here

Thursday, April 23: Converting COVID-19 Crisis Management to Leading-Edge People Management

Sponsored by iSolved, this webinar explores how organizations can transition from crisis management to great people management.  Join Claude Werder and Cliff Stevenson of Brandon Hall Group and Todd La Fever, President and Chief Operating Officer of iSolved as they discuss the strategies, best practices and technology to ensure the innovation and collaboration generated during this crisis develop into a healthier and more productive workplace in better times. Register here

Brandon Hall Group Featured in Training Magazine

Leverage Learning to Reduce Turnover Risk

by David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group

Research Surveys

Research in the Field

  • Managing the Realities of COVID-19: Take the survey
  • Career Development: Take the survey here.
  • Learning Measurement 2020: Take the survey here.

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