Team PerformanceWith Brandon Hall Group research showing less than 1% of organizations optimizing team performance, this 5-stage maturity model provides an opportunity for teams to evaluate their current state and chart a course for improvement.

Brandon Hall Group announced its exclusive Team Performance Maturity Model, a valuable tool to drive business results through improvement of team management and productivity throughout an organization.

The Team Performance Maturity Model is part of Performance and Teams: A Team Maturity Model by Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke. The white paper analyzes team development research results published earlier this year. The model divides team maturity into five stages – Unpredictable, Enlightened, Focused, Structured and Optimized – and reports the percentage of the almost 800 survey respondents that are in each stage of maturity. Less than 1% of organizations are in the Optimized stage, and only 14.2% of organizations have teams mature enough to fit into the Structured Stage. Just under 30% of organizations were in the bottom two stages.

The white paper provides a High-Performance Teams Framework and the Team Performance Maturity Model, which analyzes each stage of maturity so organizations can assess their current state and use the guidance to chart a course of improvement.

The research also revealed that the impact of a dysfunctional team can negatively affect organizational productivity and quality by more than 76%, and that almost 80% of low-performing organizations (LPOs) and 62% of high-performing organizations (HPOs) aren’t investing enough time and money on team development.

“Our research on team development led us to a fascinating journey of how organizations are approaching team development and their levels of maturity as they develop, adopt and deploy programs to drive performance at not just the team level, but at the organizational level to drive true business results and impact,” Rachel Cooke said. “Team development initiatives, when they are developed as part of a business strategy,  yield tremendous business results from improved culture and engagement, increased performance, productivity and quality, organizational and leadership capability, and much more.”

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Rachel Cooke

Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke Rachel is responsible for business operations including overseeing client services, research events and project management. Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Rachel was the Chief Operating Officer Co-founder of AC Growth. Rachel has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and sales performance management. Prior to AC Growth, she held several senior management roles and was on the leadership team at Bersin & Associates, a pioneer analyst firm in e-learning and now industry leading HR and talent Research Company. In her Senior Director role, Rachel developed the strategy and led the commercial execution of the solution provider vertical, and grew the vertical into the company’s largest market segment. In her role as Director of Sales, Rachel developed and led a team of senior account executives focused on acquiring global strategic accounts. Rachel was solely responsible for developing key business relationships with over ninety companies including industry icons, such as: Adidas, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Oracle, Starbucks, Avnet, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway Inc., Wells Fargo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Clorox and Affiliated Computer Services. Rachel began her career in the banking, media and hospitality industries. In these industries, Rachel held several key senior management and executive sales positions. Rachel received a BA in social science and interdisciplinary studies with honors from Florida Atlantic University. Rachel continued her postgraduate education by completing a series of executive management education courses from American Management Association.