Boca Raton, FL — March 10, 2023

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, launched a study on March 7 to gain insight into how organizations are currently leveraging ChatGPT and their plans for future use. 

“ChatGPT is an exciting and somewhat mysterious new technology. Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has taken people’s attention by storm and organizations are scrambling to understand how this new bot will be used in their organization. Other technologies are also competing in this new area of AI including LLaMA (Meta), LaMDA (Google), PaLM (Google), GLaM (Google), Megatron-Turing NLG (Microsoft and NVIDIA), Gopher (DeepMind) andBard (Decision through Holistic Inelligence).

There are unlimited possibilities for using this technology in HR. Many questions arise for HR in implementing this bold new technology. This research effort will explore how HR organizations contemplate the use of the technology and the opportunities and challenges they face now and into the future.” said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst.  

Brandon Hall Group’s research initiative seeks to uncover the following about ChatGPT:

  • Familiarity, Perception, Acceptance, and Expectation
  • Advantages and Challenges
  • Ethical considerations
  • Use cases
  • Current and future requirements for HR technology

To participate in this study, go to Brandon Hall Group ChatGPT Research. Participants will receive summary results of the research six to eight weeks after the survey launch. 

“The urgency of implementing this breakthrough technology is evident for HR organizations. This is a game changer for the digitalization of HR,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. 

This quantitative research will be complemented with qualitative interviews. The data and insights will fuel the development of research reports and tools — such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks — to help organizations improve talent retention efforts.

About Brandon Hall Group:

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Michael Rochelle

Chief Strategy Officer Michael Rochelle Michael is responsible for consulting, strategic services and advisory support for our members. Michael brings 25 years experience in commercial and operational strategy and execution including key roles in sales, marketing, business development, strategy, program management and operations in Fortune 500 and venture-backed start-up organizations. Michael has served in a variety of senior and executive team roles including Strategy and Program Management Officer and Vice President Business Development and Corporate Services (HR and IT) at Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Chief Business Officer at Quonova LLC, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at International Clinical Laboratories and Director of Corporate Business Development at SmithKline Beecham. Michael also held field sales, sales management, market planning and corporate business development roles for Genzyme and RedPath. In addition to his corporate experience, Michael also held management consulting roles. At Employee Information Services, Michael was Vice President and a member of the executive team responsible for leading the management consulting division, client services and business operations. Before his tenure at Employee Information Services, Michael was a principal and senior consultant at RSA, an industry leading employee services management consulting firm. Michael received his B.A. from Assumption College and MBA from Bryant University.