Tailor to the Learner: The Best Way to Future-proof your Learning Programs

Our research tells us that only one out of three organizations believe they effectively deliver learning experiences tailored to the needs of the learner. It’s a two part problem inside organizations.

First, learning organizations need to focus on aggregation and integration.  Aggregating and integrating all your people, processes and systems in a centralized approach to learning drives a better content development and delivery strategy and puts you in the best vantage point for collecting and analyzing data on the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning.

Second, is enabling and guiding a learner’s existing learning habits.  Trying to pigeon hole or shape a learner’s approach to learning doesn’t work.  It stifles the learner’s ability to learn and their level of engagement for learning plummets.  Learners want to learn through access to open resources where they can drive their own learning plan.  Learners that feel in control of their own learning are more active learners – more activity means learners learn better and faster.

A highly active, wired in, connected learner will always be on an accelerated path to increased performance levels.  In other words, a connected learner means a bigger, faster stronger employee that will have maximum impact on your organization’s performance.

You need a learning technology platform that fully supports how learners want to learn not how you want them to learn.

Here are the benefits if you pick the right technology:

  • Your employees are more productive because they learn more efficiently
  • Your learning organization is more productive because they can more effectively curate content and deliver better personalized learning
  • You can cut the cord on dated or obsolete systems
  • You can optimize your content development costs by leveraging more free learning resources

If you want your learners to have a great learning experience you need to focus on a technological approach that gives control to the learner, easy access to a variety of content types and helps learners organize content in a way that personalizes the learning journey for them.

– Michael Rochelle Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group


You can join Michael Rochelle, for an interactive 3-hour workshop designed to give you the framework for a future-proofed learning technology. He will be joining the Degreed Focus events in Chicago, Atlanta, D.C. and Boston. See below for more information and to register.

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