Rewards and Recognition 2019

Rewarding and recognizing employees are critical drivers of employee performance, engagement and retention. However, organizations handle recognition in very different ways. This research seeks to understand the culture of recognition in organizations and its impact on individual, team and organizational performance. It also examines the impact of technology on the effectiveness of recognition. 


Recruitment Marketing 2019

The strategies, processes and technology used to source, attract and nurture top talent are rapidly evolving. Brandon Hall Group is conducting new research to identify the trends and best practices in recruitment marketing.


Competency and Skills Development 2019

This survey takes a "due diligence" approach to understand the many challenges organizations face and how they address them. The goal is to understand the competency and skills development landscape from the point of view of corporate so we can offer insights and recommendations to make competency and skills development more effective in driving business results.

Male Allyship 2019 

Male Allyship is when men support women's careers in the workplace. The purpose of this survey is to better understand male allyship. The outcomes of this survey will be used for research purposes.

Assessment Practices 2019 

Brandon Hall Group invites you to participate in the 2019 Assessment Practices Survey. Assessments are widely used for both hiring and talent development, but not always in a strategic and consistent manner across the enterprise.





Next-Generation Learning 2019

For the purposes of this survey, we define “next-generation learning” as an environment that delivers a contextualized, continuous learning experience that draws from formal, informal and experiential opportunities. This environment allows curation of content from almost anywhere, giving learners the opportunity to pursue learning that makes the most sense for them, while providing a personalized path with recommendations.



Learning Framework 201

Creating and executing a powerful, impactful learning experience goes far beyond technology. It encompasses everything from developing and aligning the strategy, to deciding what and how people will learn, to designing and delivering the learning — and measuring success. Most companies get some of this right, but very few get all of it right.
Brandon Hall Group will use this Learning Framework Survey to identify best practices across the entire breadth of L&D to develop a framework to guide companies through the process.