2016 HR Compliance

This survey will provide insights into what top-performing organizations are doing in regards to the shifting HR regulatory landscape, and provide a glimpse into what is anticipated for the future.

2016 Benefits and Wellness

In this study Brandon Hall Group will examine these new areas of benefits and wellness, but also look at how organizations view the importance and effectiveness of these areas, how they incorporate technology and analytics into benefits and wellness, and how they are partnering with third-party vendors to incorporate benefits and wellness into their larger strategic objectives.

2016 Training Benchmarking

This research effort will look at the ways organizations deliver training, where they are spending their money, and how they allocate training resources. By comparing this information with organizational performance and other demographic data, our goal is to provide high-level benchmarks that organizations can use as a guidepost for their own learning and development programs.

2016 Contingent Workforce

As the economy continues to evolve and the composition of the workforce changes with it, organizations must increasingly grapple with how to make the best use of available talent to meet business goals. At the same time, workers are looking for employment situations that best fit their talents, their workstyles and their personal lives. For these reasons, and others, organizations are increasingly focused on utilizing contingent labor.

This survey seeks to gain a better understanding about how organizations approach the contingent workforce in terms of strategy and planning, management, and compensation.

2016 HCM Measurement and Analytics

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 HCM Measurement and Analytics survey created a wealth of new data and forward-thinking insights into the realm of workforce measurement. The 2016 edition of this survey aims to expand upon those responses and insights to bring answers to the newest questions in workforce measurement.

2016 Rewards and Recognition Practices Survey

This survey was created to identify the best and newest practices used by high-performing organizations to reward and recognize their talent. In addition, this research will explore organizations’ processes, technology solutions, and influencers with respect to rewards and recognition solutions.

Team Development 2016

Working effectively in teams is not necessarily intuitive for many people and organizations, and therefore team development is critically important as team-driven projects become more prevalent, complex, and global. Brandon Hall Group's Team Development Study seeks to understand the priorities and strategies organizations are employing to develop and utlize teams to deliver on critical business goals, and how team development tools and technology platforms are utilized to optimize the process.