• Novembre 8, 2017
HCMx Radio 71: Compliance in the Digital Age

Guests: Tom Bronikowski, Vicepresidente, Conduent Learning Services, Mark Felts, Senior Director Knowledge Solutions Healthcare Provider, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences at Conduent Learning Services

Hosts: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst di apprendimento, Brandon Hall Group

In this episode of HCMx Radio, we interview Tom Bronikowski, Vice President and Mark Felts, Senior Director Knowledge Solutions Healthcare Provider, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences at Conduent Learning Services to continue a discussion from a previous webinar compliance training in the digital age. Many questions were brought up during the webinar that we wanted to further address on this podcast. Compliance may at times get a bad rep or not be as exciting as other types of development opportunities, however when you a face death and are brought back to life, which is precisely what Mark experienced at the hospital in 2013. Compliance training should be a #1 priorità, and not a dreaded humdrum check the box task. Tuttavia, with innovation and modern technology, compliance training is becoming more creative, engaging and effective.


The questions we covered included:

  • What new regulations and business concerns are driving compliance in the Financial Market?With regards to compliance requirements by outside agencies- What areas of business are most impacted and what is being done?
  • Do you see consolidation in compliance or does it continue to function in independent silos?
  • We hear a lot in learning about the modernization of content. Do organizations view that has something that is even possible with compliance learning?
  • With all the different delivery modalities we see in the compliance training space what tends to be the most effective in healthcare and why?
  • What kind of learning change is occurring in Compliance training approaches within Professional Services Firms?
  • What are some of the issues or consequences in Healthcare when so many organizations seem not to be thoroughly prepared for audits?
  • What are some of the ways L&D departments are trying to modernize compliance content in healthcare?
  • How is BI and Data Analytics being used in compliance training?

To listen to the interview, you can download or stream the podcast anytime at the Sito HCMx Radio.

-Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group


Rachel Cooke

Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke Rachel is responsible for business operations including overseeing client services, eventi di ricerca e di gestione del progetto. Prima di entrare in Brandon Hall Group, Rachel era il Chief Operating Officer Co-fondatore di crescita AC. Rachel ha oltre 15 anni di esperienza nelle vendite, marketing, lo sviluppo delle imprese, e la gestione delle performance delle vendite. Prima di crescita AC, ha ricoperto diversi ruoli di senior management ed è stato nel team di leadership a Bersin & Associates, una società di analisi pioniere in e-learning e la società leader nel settore delle risorse umane e il talento Research Company. Nel suo ruolo di Senior Director, Rachel ha sviluppato la strategia e ha portato l'esecuzione commerciale del fornitore di soluzioni verticali, e cresciuto verticale nel più grande segmento di mercato della società. Nel suo ruolo di Direttore Vendite, Rachel ha sviluppato e guidato un team di dirigenti di conto focalizzata sulla acquisizione di clienti strategici globali. Rachel era l'unico responsabile per lo sviluppo di relazioni di business con oltre novanta aziende tra cui icone del settore, come: Adidas, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Oracolo, Starbucks, Avnet, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway Inc., Wells Fargo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Clorox e Affiliated Computer Services. Rachel ha iniziato la sua carriera nel settore bancario, industrie dei media e ospitalità. In questi settori, Rachel ricoperto diversi importanti incarichi di vendita senior management ed esecutivi. Rachel ha ricevuto una laurea in studi scientifici interdisciplinari e sociali con lode presso la Florida Atlantic University. Rachel ha continuato la sua formazione post-laurea, completando una serie di corsi di formazione manageriale executive dalla American Management Association.

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