• अप्रैल 19, 2016
HCMx Radio 21: How to Find the Right Balance Between Work and Life

Hosts: राहेल कुक, COO, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह; माइकल रोशेल, मुख्य रणनीति अधिकारी & HCM Principal Analyst, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह


Guest: मिशेल Vielledent, Director of Sales Effectiveness, एडवर्ड्स लाइफसाइंसेज

As we wrap up 2015, managing all that needs to get done both at work and at home can be overwhelming. A topic that is always relevant is finding balance and harmony in all that you do. मिशेल Vielledent से एडवर्ड्स लाइफसाइंसेज joins our show again to discuss the types of practical approaches she finds helpful in adding more value in your life so that you can manage your time and stress more effectively to drive positive and meaningful outcomes.

Recorded December 16, 2015.


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