• अप्रैल 14, 2016
HCMx Radio 09: The Whole World Wants Simplicity-What’s the Value of Complexity?

My guest on this episode is Jay Shaw, the CEO and Managing Director of NetDimensions. Jay co-founded NetDimensions after more than a decade with NASDAQ-listed The Princeton Review (TPR). जे अनुभव अमेरिका और एशिया में TPR आपरेशन चल रहा है शामिल, in which capacity he held executive responsibility for organising and delivering both academic and corporate training programs on a commercial basis. जे में चीन में अंग्रेजी सिखाया 1984 व 1985. Jay is responsible for general Group management and sales.

I talked with Jay about the move that the world is taking toward continued simplicity. From the way we schedule our time, हम खरीद कर रास्ता, to the way we interact with our technology at home or at work. He gives his views on the role simplicity plays in the technology space and describes whether it is better in terms of meeting what customers want or need. He also speaks to the variance in the needs different organizations have as they purchase and use technology.


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