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Winners of the 2002 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards

Best Custom Content | Best Practices for Internal E-Learning

Innovative Technology Category | Performance-Centered Design



Entry Title


Best Custom Content

GoldDigitalThink Inc.Making Every Call Count: Selling Kinko's DocStore 2.0
GoldMidi Inc.Should I Put That in Writing?
GoldThe Home DepotLift Truck Safety
SilverAllen Communication, a division of Mentergy Inc.Making History: A Personal Leadership Adventure
SilverDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Management Solutions.Express Elearning
SilverKenexaAtherosclerosis & Dyslipidemia: Diagnosis & Treatment
BronzeCognitiveArts Corp.Clinical Management of Neuropathic Pain: A Problem-Based, Interactive Module
BronzeFrontline Technology CenterNational Institute of Corrections Staffing Analysis for Jails
BronzeInCharge Institute of America Inc., Windermere Communications Inc., and DigitecCredit Compass
BronzeLake Point InteractiveConspicuous Families

Best Practices for Internal E-Learning

GoldAmerican HealthwaysBringing Real-World Situations Into the Classroom
GoldDiebold Inc.Blended Learning and the Strategic Sales Plan
GoldKindred HealthcareReach Out and Train Someone
GoldLockheed Martin Corporate Office of Ethics & Business ConductThe Lockheed Martin Training Program in Ethics and Business Conduct
GoldManchester NHS AgencyBlended Learning for Computer Training in Health Services
SilverAvis Europe plcA Process for Internal Content Development
SilverCisco Systems, IT Learning GroupA Model for E-learner Advocacy
SilverSchulich School of Business, York UniversitySecond Generation e-Learning System at a Graduate Level
SilverTeaching Matters Inc.E-Learning in Public Service
SilverUniversity of ToyotaA Business Case for Enterprise Learning
BronzeBristol-Myers SquibbAlignment of E-Learning and Corporate Strategy
BronzeChief of Naval Education and TrainingU.S. Navy E-Learning
BronzeHerman Miller Inc.Training the Extended Enterprise, AmericasBlended E-Learning in Call Centers
BronzeWipro InfotechWipro Approach to E-learning Strategy

Innovative Technology Category

GoldEpianceEpiplex - Model-driven content generation platform
Goldi3Dimensions, Inc.NGRAIN: Enabling Interactive, 3-Dimensional e-Learning
GoldOutStartBringing Learning to Life
SilverBooks24x7, a SkillSoft CompanyThe Power Behind Books...
SilverCapella University2-Minute Advisor/Personal Enrollment Page
SilverSmartForceInfluencing Decision Makers
BronzeEloquent, Inc.LaunchForce Studio
BronzeGeneration21 Learning SystemsUniversal Knowledge Object Technology
BronzeStrategic Management Group Inc. (SMG)Managing Change – Online Solution

Performance-Centered Design

GoldOUTCOMES: Logistics and Maintenance Applied Research Center, LandMARC, Georgia Tech Research InstituteIntegrated Sensor Radio Frequency Identification (ISRFID)
GoldTOOLS: Upstream Development, LLCKnowledge Stream
SilverOUTCOMES: Harvard Business School Publishing eLearningLeadership Transitions

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