Women In Leadership Summit 2018

Un camino a seguir, Las mujeres de Brandon Hall Grupo de Iniciativa de Liderazgo, se trata de crear un mejor lugar de trabajo con el equilibrio de género en el liderazgo.

We’re a month away from the WIL Summit 2018 and I’m excited! Bonnie St. John kicks it off with a keynote that shares insights from her book, “How Great Women Lead.” Desde hace más de 20 año, Bonnie circled the globe as a leadership consultant for more than 500 empresas, non-profits and associations. From Fortune 100 C-suites to front-line management, Bonnie’s initiatives inspire leaders at every level to improve their skills, hone their thinking and expand their horizons to new levels of performance. Bonnie has risen to the highest standards of achievement in a variety of endeavors throughout her life.

At WIL Summit 2018, you’ll also hear from remarkable leaders of iconic companies like Accenture, Axa Insurance, Bank of America, Tyson Foods and more. They’ll share insights on critical issues that are influential in closing gender gaps, improving the workplace and making the world a better place.

El año pasado, we published the first annual Women in Leadership Magazine, highlighting leading practices from the women leaders who presented during the 2017 Women in Leadership Summit last June. We’ll publish the next edition in the fall of 2018 with a featured winner from Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence for Best Advance in Women Leadership Development.

Here’s a snapshot of the WIL 2018 agenda:

  • Building ROI for Women Leadership Initiatives
  • Effectively Leading Diverse Generations in the Workforce
  • Creating a Culture of Sponsorship for Women Leaders
  • Current State of Leadership
  • Guiding Your Organization on a Journey of Inclusion
  • Advancing Women in Technology Careers and Companies
  • Creating Solutions to Gender Inequity in Technology Leadership
  • Managing the Increasingly Mobile Global Workforce
  • Building a Winning Mindset: It’s All in Your Head

Our goal each year is to create an experience that inspires, motivates and encourages new ways of thinking. It is thrilling to hear what last year’s attendees had to say:

“Awesome event! I would definitely do it again! I’ve come home, back to work bragging to everyone about it. Thank you for the opportunity to hear such a wide range of women and topics!"

“I am so happy that I was able to attend this inaugural event. There were so many insightful and immediately actionable takeaways that would help not just women but men as well! It was nice to have a small group because it definitely fostered communication, sharing and a stronger sense of engagement. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event!"

“Fabulous few days! Loved dinner and networking as well.”

“The event brought us together from a position of strength where we can share our stories, failures, and successes in an environment that is safe and focused on making positive change. I can’t wait for next year’s conference.”

Be part of the growing movement and help us make a difference! Registrarse para el 2018 Las mujeres en la Cumbre de Liderazgo; Junio 6-7, 2018 at the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. http://www.brandonhall.com/WIL/annual-summit.html

I look forward to seeing you at the event!

Rachel Cooke

Director de Operaciones Rachel Cooke Rachel is responsible for business operations including overseeing client services, eventos de investigación y gestión de proyectos. Antes de unirse a Brandon Hall Grupo, Rachel era el director de operaciones de Co-fundador de Crecimiento AC. Rachel tiene sobre 15 años de experiencia en ventas, mercadeo, desarrollo de negocios, y la gestión del rendimiento de ventas. Antes de Crecimiento AC, ocupó varios cargos de alta gerencia y estaba en el equipo de liderazgo de Bersin & Asociados, una firma de análisis pionero en el e-learning y ahora líder de la industria de recursos humanos y el talento Research Company. En su papel de Director Senior, Rachel desarrolló la estrategia y dirigió la ejecución comercial del proveedor de soluciones verticales, y creció a la vertical en el mayor segmento de mercado de la compañía. En su papel como Director de Ventas, Rachel desarrolló y dirigió un equipo de ejecutivos de cuentas de alto nivel centrado en la adquisición de las cuentas estratégicas globales. Rachel era el único responsable por el desarrollo de relaciones comerciales clave con más de noventa empresas como iconos de la industria, tal como: Adidas, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Oráculo, Starbucks, Avnet, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway Inc., Wells Fargo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Clorox y Affiliated Computer Services. Rachel comenzó su carrera en la banca, industrias de los medios y de la hospitalidad. En estas industrias, Rachel ocupó varios puestos de ventas de alta dirección y ejecutivos clave. Rachel recibió una licenciatura en ciencias y estudios interdisciplinarios sociales con honores de la Universidad Atlántica de Florida. Rachel continuó su formación de postgrado, completando una serie de cursos de educación de gestión ejecutiva de la Asociación Americana de Gestión.

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