I’ve just returned from Unleash America, معبأة مع المتحمسين للتكنولوجيا HCM وتأثيرها على الأداء التنظيمي, الثقافة والموظف الخبرة. A few of the technology solutions included innovations in Artificial Intelligence (منظمة العفو الدولية), Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and employee feedback.

IBM introduced Watson Career Coach to guide employees on their career path. Watson Career Coach learns about employee interests from historical data provided by the employer and interactive employee question-and-answer chat sessions over time. Watson Career Coach can advise employees about new positions, career paths and suggested learning activities.

AllyO, a relatively new company, uses AI to automate the talent acquisition process from end-to-end. Functionalities include candidate chat, resume collection, مطابقة الوظائف, candidate screening, جدولة مقابلة, offer distribution etc. The solution handles custom hiring workflows and can be integrated with the organization’s applicant tracking system.

رافعة introduced their GDPR toolkit to facilitate clients’ compliance with the new privacy regulations. ال GDPR toolkit facilitates the configuration of settings, including getting candidate consent to be contacted and complying with requests to edit or remove candidate information from the database.

Culture Amp demonstrated their employee feedback and analytics platform, which enables organizations to launch employee surveys to measure engagement levels and get feedback on several topics including onboarding and learning. Survey responses and results can be segmented and quantified by geography and/or department.

Solutions such as these are important because they help organizations improve performance, gain efficiencies and provide employees with an enhanced, dynamic employment experience.

داريا فريدمان, المحلل الرئيسي, موهبة اكتساب, براندون قاعة المجموعة

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