Westborough的, MA - 九月 12, 2017 - 训练联营公司, 学习和开发人才和解决方案的业界公认的领导者, announced today that they have won the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Results of a Learning Program for Leadership Training.

“优秀奖获得者象征着权力和影响力,人力资本管理实践可以对企业或对任何组织,“雷切尔·库克说:, 布兰登·霍尔集团兼首席营运官的奖励项目负责人. “许多企业可以有很大的HCM举措, 但卓越的标准只适用于它的HCM的做法确实有利于商业组织. 这就是优秀奖方案代表, 而这正是布兰登·霍尔集团代表“。

The Training Associates, in collaboration with its client, the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council, received the award for the transformation of its antiquated and stagnant legacy culture to one of innovation, leadership and strength. Included in the overall learning solution were employee needs assessment and evaluation tools, leadership development tools, intergenerational training/coaching/models/techniques, strengths assessment, and development tools.

该奖项参赛作品由资深的小组评估, 独立资深行业专家, 布兰登·霍尔集团分析师和高管基于以下标准: 适合需要, 该方案的设计, 功能, 革新, 和整体效益可测量.

“It is quite an honor to have been selected for the Gold award for Best Results of a Learning Program,” said Maria Melfa, President and CEO at The Training Associates. “This award means a lot to our organization. We are passionate about helping our clients receive measurable results. This award confirms the positive impact our work has on transforming organizations. We are very thankful to work with an organization as special as the Girl Scouts and our exceptionally talented learning consultants on this critical leadership initiative.”

About The Training Associates

公司成立于 1994, The Training Associates is the industry recognized leader of learning and development talent and solutions. TTA’s talent offerings feature over 25,000 L&D resources specializing in adult learning for all technologies and business professional skills. Our services include our ability to undertake and manage projects of any size or scope related to the design, 发展, and delivery of training. (www.TheTrainingAssociates.com)


布兰登·霍尔集团是一家HCM研究和咨询服务公司,提供各地的关键绩效领域的见解, 包括学习与发展, 人才管理, 领导力发展, 人才招聘和劳动力管理. (www.brandonhall.com)


首席运营官 Rachel Cooke Rachel is responsible for business operations including overseeing client services, 研究活动和项目管理. 在加入布兰登·霍尔集团, 雷切尔是AC增长的首席运营官联合创始人. 瑞秋有超过 15 多年的销售经验, 市场营销, 业务发展, 与销售绩效管理. 此前AC增长, 她担任过多个高级管理职务,是对领导团队Be​​rsin & 联营, 在电子学习,现在业界领先的人力资源和人才研究公司的先驱分析公司. 在她的高级总监的角色, 雷切尔制定的战略,并导致解决方案提供商垂直的商业运行, 并成长垂直成公司最大的细分市场. 在她担任销售总监的角色, 瑞秋开发和率领的高级客户经理,专注于收购全球战略帐户. 雷切尔是全权负责制定重要的业务关系,与超过90的公司包括行业图标, 例如: 阿迪达斯, 惠普, 丰田, 神谕, 星巴克, 安富利, 波音公司, Kaiser Permanente的, 西夫韦公司, 富国银行, 普华永道, 高乐氏和Affiliated计算机服务. 雷切尔开始在银行业她的职业生涯, 媒体和酒店业. 这些行业, 瑞秋举行的几个关键高级管理和执行销售职位. 蕾切尔收到社会科学跨学科研究的学士学位从佛罗里达大西洋大学的荣誉. 瑞秋继续她的研究生教育由美国管理协会在完成了一系列的高管教育课程.