Struggling to Engage Remote Workers? HCM Technology Helps

في مجال البحوث التي أنجزت مؤخرا براندون قاعة المجموعة, 3 الركائز لزيادة ارتباط الموظفين, نحن تكشف عن مستوى المشاركة منخفض بشكل مزعج للعاملين عن بعد. فقط 15% of organizations surveyed indicated that most of their remote workers participate in engagement efforts and promote the organization internally and externally.

This is going to be a very significant issue for organizations as the percentage of remote workers continues to grow. I will be talking about this issue and the broader topic of engagement and rewards and recognition in a مارس 8 الويبينار, برعاية Engage2Excel. I hope you will join us.

وفقا ل American Time Use Survey from the U.S. مكتب إحصاءات العمل, “In 2016, on days they worked, 22 percent of employed persons did some or all of their work at home.” Other sources report a much higher percentage of remote workers.

One solution to engaging remote workers can be found in the use of HCM technology solutions. Our research found that using technology, such as a rewards and recognition solution or a coaching and mentoring solution, can increase engagement levels and provide a stronger connection to the organization. مثلا, 56% of organizations using coaching and mentoring technology reported an increase in employee engagement over the past year.

But the research shows that a substantial percentage of organizations with many disengaged remote workers are not using these solutions. في الواقع, organizations with mostly disengaged remote workers were almost twice as likely as organizations with mostly engaged remote workers ليس to have rewards and recognition technology.

This makes perfect sense. Without technology, it is very difficult, on a consistent basis, to involve remote workers in engagement activities, and align them with the organization’s mission, القيم, والثقافة.

Organizations need to make a concerted effort to engage remote workers, by improving communication, strengthening peer-to-peer and supervisor-to-peer collaboration, enabling their personal and professional development, and by facilitating their ability to comply with organizational policies. HCM technology can be of tremendous assistance in this endeavor.

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