द्वारा दारिया फ्राइडमैन, प्रधान विश्लेषक, प्रतिभा अधिग्रहण, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह

Learn about candidate drop-offs, उम्मीदवार अनुभव प्रथाओं और अधिक हमारे नि: शुल्क वेबिनार के लिए पंजीकरण करके, "How an Exceptional Candidate Experience Boosts Hiring Results,” sponsored by Talemetry.

Almost all organizations experience candidate drop-offs during the recruitment and hiring process, even to the point of having qualified candidates reject offers. ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह की 2018 Candidate Experience Survey reveals that many employers lose an average of two-in-five candidates from the time they start an online application through the job offer. That percentage could even be higher, as it does not include candidates who visit the career site but fail to apply for a position.

While some organizations mitigate this situation by providing potential candidates with an option to join a talent pool and provide limited contact information, drop-offs and low conversions still plague organizations.

आदर्श रूप में, by using authentic and compelling brand messaging, companies can attract quality candidates that may be good fits for the organization and the position. That is not always the case and more often than not, the organization may still lose quality candidates.

और भी बदतर, some candidates may comment unfavorably about their recruitment/hiring experience to their personal and social media connections. Those derogatory remarks can hurt the company’s reputation and impact the business if the candidates and their connections are customers.

The antidotes to candidate drop-offs are candidate experience and employer brand best practices, and the technology used to attract, प्रबंधित, engage and hire candidates.

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दारिया फ्राइडमैन, प्रधान विश्लेषक, प्रतिभा अधिग्रहण, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह

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