High-Performance Leadership Development

かかわらず、経済状況の, 新政府の規制, グローバルな成長, または人口統計学的変化, リーダーシップ開発は、年間のすべてのビジネスリーダーの年の議題に最優先を前提としてい. より多い $14 billion is spent annually in the U.S. alone on leadership development. Despite the attention and investment, organizations still struggle to implement high-performance leadership development.

Is your leadership development excelling? 私たちを取る Leadership Development Survey to see how your programs compare. Then check out the below four case studies from companies whose leadership programs who have taken the time to define their unique leadership requirements and design leader development in alignment with those requirements.

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Excellence in Leadership Development:

SAP Creates Academy For First-Line Sales Managers (2017 ケーススタディ)

Knowing first-line sales managers are critical to company success, SAP’s global learning team created a workshop to equip them with skills to transform sales teams into innovation partners who help make digital transformation painless. Content was developed after a close analysis of KPIs vital to the success of quota carriers. The challenge was to convince sales managers to leave the field for a workshop. As one said, “I was petrified at the thought of two weeks in a classroom. They ended up being two of the most important weeks in my career.” The initiative earned SAP a Silver Award for Best Sales Leadership Development Program in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.

Elliott Group Flips Classroom to Grow Leadership Skills (2017 ケーススタディ)

Elliott Group launched a blended learning program for leadership development that delivers knowledge with eLearning and skill practice using ILT. The company flipped the traditional classroom model and, in doing so, gave participants training as soon as they accepted a management role and followed up with face-to-face, application sessions. 加えて, managers who previously never had the opportunity for formal leadership training can elect to take any or all of the 12 eLearning modules to fill gaps in training or gain confidence. Elliott Group earned a Silver Award for Best Use of a Blended Learning Program in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.

QuintilesIMS Creates MOOC-like Course for Leaders (2017 ケーススタディ)

With the fast growth of QuintilesIMS, the training team knew its leadership development program needed to reach more leaders – 7,000 もっと. The challenge was to translate the best of the company’s ILT training into online learning. The new leadership development program is a six-week, MOOC-like course with eLearning, live trainers, chat rooms, and conferencing. The training seeks to develop leaders who anticipate opportunities and obstacles, make timely decisions, take calculated risks, and help teams thrive. QuintilesIMS earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development Strategy in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.

シアーズ’ High-Potential Program Drastically Reduces Turnover (2017 ケーススタディ)

To curb high turnover, Sears Holdings created the “Lifecycle of a Leader” program that identifies high-potential associates, helps them build career paths, and provides training and promotion opportunities. The blended learning program has been developed for store managers, assistant store managers, and district and regional leaders. Results show the turnover rate of hourly employees identified as Hi-Potentials decreased to 26% compared to an industry average of 80%. The initiative earned Sears Holdings a Silver Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development Strategy in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.

Samsung Turkey Creates Leadership Journey (2017 ケーススタディ)

Realizing they need to develop a succession pipeline, leaders at Samsung Electronics Turkey placed leadership development at the top of its HR initiatives. The Samsung Leadership Journey is designed to build managers who create strong teams, inspire and coach others, drive results, and demonstrate creative intelligence. The program embeds Global Samsung’s leadership competencies with diversity and individual development plans. With the company’s Korean heritage, the HR team successfully met the challenge to ensure that the content, 配達, and messages would be acceptable to both Turkish and Korean cultures. Samsung Electronics Turkey earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.

Sabre’s Custom Simulation Drives Leadership Excellence (2017 ケーススタディ)

Senior executives at Sabre, a global travel technology firm, realized the company needed to operate in a different way to accelerate growth, increase financial acumen, and develop teams. The Sabre Leadership Excellence program brought together directors and VPs for a three-day immersive seminar that featured a custom-built simulation. A knowledge transfer survey showed an overall 20% increase in the capabilities targeted by the program. The innovation earned Sabre a Gold Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development in the 2017 ブランドンホールグループHCM優秀賞.