Brandon Hall Group to Launch Study on Workforce Reduction

“Reductions in the workforce have become a reality for many organizations during these turbulent times. The impact of these reductions will have a short- and long-term effect on their workforce. This survey explores the extent of reductions in the workforce, their impact on employees, managers and the organization,” said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst.  

Is Staff Augmentation Right for Your Learning Organization?

Whether your learning organization is faced with a hiring freeze, too many projects to be handled by too few staff members, or specific skills gaps related to new learning technologies or modalities, an excellent option to consider is staff augmentation. Brandon Hall Group SmartChoice® Platinum Preferred Provider ELB Learning is a full-service learning provider that offers staff augmentation as well as other learning services.

Manufacturers Need Great Technology to Drive Workforce Skills Development

This scope of upskilling and reskilling can’t be managed manually. Sophisticated technology is required. But 49% of manufacturing organizations do not have the right technology ecosystem in place to develop and deliver personalized learning at scale, according to the research. To upskill or reskill employees in this difficult manufacturing environment, the research shows, employers need a workforce skills management platform like the one offered by TalentGuard.