Executive Performance Today

Why You Need a Performance Management Strategy

Executives often think of performance management as simply something they have to do – an HR requirement. A performance management process can do as much damage in an organization as it can good if implemented without a clear enterprise vision. Unintended outcomes from poorly implemented performance management process include: Cross-organizational competing goals Decreased employee engagement Read More

Want to Innovate? Master the Basics

There’s a lot of talk about innovation these days, about new models for every organizational function. Companies are always trying to understand what they can do that’s a game changer for the industry. Here’s some advice: Master the basics first. Too many junior managers, managers – even senior leaders — are searching for something that isn’t there: “easy” leadership and Read More

One More Blog About Yahoo!

We really don’t need another thought leader, executive, or HR person writing about Yahoo’s ban on employees working at home. But here I go anyway … China Gorman, in her blog, had a wonderful point, summed up in one wonderful short and succinct paragraph when there is a lot of research that shows flexible work/life Read More

Talent Has An Expiration Date

Any great-performing organization has several “must-haves” in order to drive performance.  At the top of the list are: Great talent Strong ability to execute and move faster Great relationships – internal and external Constant learning and improvement Whether you are a practitioner, a business leader or C-Level executive, to drive great performance you must think of Read More