Tipping the Scale of Personalized, Adaptive Learning

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider Totara has a unique approach to learning technology with their Totara Learn LMS, part of their broader Talent Experience Platform. What makes it a unique opportunity for large-scale enterprises is that it is an open-source platform. This allows companies to adjust the LMS to meet their specific needs, regardless of how large or globally dispersed they are. It also easily ticks off the items on the list above and more. Totara is one of our preferred providers precisely for its ability to address the new personalization and contextualization needs at scale.

Driving Value with Sustainable Learning Content

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Bronze Preferred Provider DelphianLogic created their ContentCentral tool to specifically address these issues, providing a content solution that is uniquely agnostic to whatever authoring tools, LMS, or LXP and organization may be using. ContentCentral can help shine a light on and clean up an area of the learning ecosystem where many organizations have a complete blind spot.